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full body


airbrush California Tan

half body


*every alternate tan


preparation for spray tanning


where loose fitting clothes and flip flops where possible for afterwards.

all forms of hair removal ideally done 24 hours before hand.

use body scrub on knees and heels and elbows 24 hours prior.

come makeup free or with makeup remover where possible if facial tanning is being done.

remove underarm deodorant prior to tanning, more can be applied after.

where underwear or swimwear that can be tanned over and resembles any garments you may be wearing if going on vacation as you don’t want tan lines from spray tan!

sleep in a spare sheet and a towel on pillow as tan can rub off onto bedding although it does wash out.

leave tan for at least 4 hours.

wash with fragrance free bath or shoer gel and use a dark towel and pat body and face dry afterwards.

moisturise with fragrance free moisturiser and use california tan or alternative tanning cream product to pro long effect of tan.

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